In the town I grew up in,

a farmer used to come every spring with his sheep for the transhumance, he used to stay around the city walls for 1 month more or less.

Chilling on the walls of my town I was tripping with my mind and when i saw the sheep i just wanted to stop there to look at them... there were differents kinds of sheep, and I couldn't notice that some of them where marked with differents colors and lines, there was the point where i had the idea...

"I want to photograph a lamb with an anarchy mark on it!"...

Finding a farmer is not as easy as it seems...

I searched the net and after a lot of researching I found the right one.

His name was Raffaele, a 45 years old man who lost his job in the crisis and reinvented himself as a farmer (nowadays with more than 100 sheep).

He was exactly what I was looking for!

I contacted the council of his village in a desperate way to try to find him, and suprisely they put me in touch with him after a few weeks.

The shooting day was amazing, I could have the opportunity to spend a day with Raffaele and his fold. Raffaele is the example of a strong man, able to reinvent himself in a special way for nowadays. It was really inspiring for me and gave the idea of start this collection with recycled spare materials from my school days.


As a symbol of rebirth, here is the lamb!