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Updated: Jan 19

25th October 2022... I am happy to announce Alterist Marketplace, the upcycled fashion marketplace with the mission to reduce textile waste, I co-founded with my fellow Hannah Standen.

Everything started whilst campaigning for change within the fashion industry, to make it more ethical and sustainable, we were both discouraged by the lack of tangible change and wanted to provide an alternative solution, that leaded us to the creation of Alterist.

Alterist is a marketplace that unites a community of upcycle designers who are using creativity to drive change, transform fashion culture and make a positive impact on our planet.

At Alterist we see upcycling as a way to create one of a kind, iconic pieces while also keeping these materials out of landfill.

At Alterist, we see that fashion is culture, and culture drives change. Upcycling can lead the change in revolutionising the fashion industry.

Read Alterist Launch Press Release here.

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