I live in London and I'm currently working as a freelance interior and graphic designer for a beauty co-working spaces' company.


I graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts (2015) in Bologna (Italy) and master graduated in 2016 at the European Institute of Design in Fashion Design (Milan, IED Moda). During my studies, I've always been interested in concepts as human being, spirituality, psychology, philosophy and in underground cultures and political fashion.


I was born in Milan, grew up in Ferrara and I've studied and worked both in Bologna and Milan as graphic designer, fashion designer, waitress, hostess, sales assistant an more.


In June 2017 I moved to London to evolve my career starting working as Studio Assistant for a photographer studio and working as an intern for a fashion brand. London started to inspire me.


I've always thought that fashion is a powerful communication tool that the fashion industry is not using in the right way. 

I quit my last job as fashion designer in February 2019 as a reaction to my personal feeling that there was something wrong in fashion and society too. 


I met for the first time Extinction Rebellion movement in a street party in Dalston during March 2019, and in April 2019 I joined the Rebellion, participating at meetings, actions, and events. Within the movement, I had the chance to meet other linked-mind people, interested in the communication of fashion, and from May 2019 I took part in XR fashion boycott and action groups.


In July 2019 I attended a sustainable fashion course at Central Saint Martins in London that gave me the confidence to my "new" sustainable and ethical approach to fashion.

In September 2019, as a reaction to the negative response from the British Fashion Council to our demand of cancelling London Fashion week in respect of the environment of nowadays, I took part, co-coordinating the performative protests to put in rest the London Fashion Week.

In October 2019 we organized a series of Fashion Assemblies in Trafalgar Square during the October Rebellion and later on the 29th of November we protested against Black Friday and consumerism. 


Apart from activism, I am working on upcoming sustainable and up-cycle projects. Stay tuned.



Happy to be involved in ethical and sustainable projects.


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